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Diane Stafford

Nationally Syndicated Workplace Columnist

… Workplace bullying exists because business owners and top management allow it. "All workplace bullying is institutionalized abuse," he writes. Companies should have a specific line in a code of conduct -- and make sure all workers know what it says -- that prohibits bullying behaviors.

The code should state that vocal and physical intimidation of co-workers is unacceptable behavior that, if displayed repeatedly, is grounds for discipline, up to and including termination. At the same time, employees (especially supervisors) should be trained to recognize bullying behavior and know how to use alternative methods of motivation or evaluation.

Personnel Today
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By Teresa Alvarez

The book…also examines the effects workplace bullying has on others, including the organisation as a whole, and emphasises how damaging it is not only to workplace culture, but ultimately an organisation's reputation.

It would also be a good reference text for HR professionals who are involved in resolving bullying or who are involved in drawing up an anti-bullying policy.

It gives useful ideas on how to prevent workplace bullying, and tools and action plans for those who become targets. It shows how they can help turn the situation around and get out of their 'ring of fire', the symbol of just how isolated targets can become.

Lindsey Novak
Creators Syndicate's Workplace Reporter

First, know that her bullying you is not personal... In "Bullying Bosses: A Survivor's Guide" (Mueller 2006), author and lawyer Robert Mueller, who has represented thousands of victims of bullying in the workplace, explains that bullies are not fools; they are "calculating predators."…Mueller has discovered three general types of harassment acts: isolating, official and twisting…

Midwest Book Review ("Jobs/Careers Shelf")
Formal Book Reviewer

Bullying Bosses: A Survivor's Guide (How To Transcend The Illusion Of The Interpersonal) by Robert Mueller is a remarkable introduction…Bullying Bosses offers readers a means for analyzing and responding to an employer's bullying behavior…Bullying Bosses is very strongly recommended for all readers searching for a "user-friendly" guide in dealing with the difficulties involved in poor employee-to-boss relationships.

Franke James, MFA
CEO WorkPolitics.com

In Bullying Bosses: A Survivor's Guide…(t) he main message? If you are being bullied you will most likely not be believed, and you will need to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt. Mueller acts as an ‘advocate’ for the abused, quickly arming them with the tools they need to defend themselves, and if push comes to shove, prove their case.

Mueller draws on his legal experience in counseling thousands of clients, to transform employees from vulnerable ‘Targets’, into confident ‘Workplace Warriors’. The book unfolds in a series of vivid anecdotes from bullied employees that aptly illustrate the many obstacles they face…

For anyone bedeviled by a bully, this will be a very useful guide on how-to-fight-back and come out ahead. One of the most valuable tools Mueller shares with the reader is the Incident Report http://bullyingbosses.com/incident.php form (downloadable at his site). Targets are instructed to methodically record and categorize the abuse on it…the process of documenting the abuse is critical to understanding it, spotting patterns, and devising methods to combat it. Like Sergeant Joe Friday from Dragnet, it asks for “Just the facts, Ma’am”…

Andrea Needham
Management Expert
Author of “Workplace Bullying, The Costly
Business Secret”

…Knowledge is power and this book provides just that…Part I provides an excellent summary of international knowledge on Workplace Bullying and additional information gleaned from Robert’s practice working with Targets and organizations. He cleverly uses a descriptor, the ‘Ring of Fire’ to describe how isolated Targets can become. Robert’s depiction, of how the diverse facets of organizations work together to attack a high performer and bring him/her down, is very real.

Part II is a lifeline for Targets. It describes how to beat the Workplace Bully at his or her own game and become a Workplace Warrior. Robert describes the knowledge, skills and abilities a Target needs in order to take on a Workplace Bully. ‘Bullying Bosses’ describes ways of managing these situations from a position of strength. The book gives action plans and outcomes to strive for.

This book is a necessary read for senior managers and human resources professionals who truly wish to prevent Workplace Bullying.

David L. Johnson, PhD Health Psychologist
Formal Book Reviewer
Senior Author of “Stop Smoking and Chewing Tobacco”

Robert Mueller, the author of Bullying Bosses: A Survivor’s Guide, is an experienced lawyer. Today he counsels clients. The book repeats a cautionary theme that bullying bosses calculate, select, and plan attacks on vulnerable employee targets. When outrageous attacks occur, targeted employees are so shocked, confused, humiliated, and threatened, they process the attacks internally. They respond as if they had really done something wrong. Bullying bosses have vulnerabilities…

The author integrates positive attributes for employee survival into a proactive model of “Workplace Warrior” Mueller asserts the acceptance and use of his model can strengthen anti-bullying employee behavior, as well as limit demoralizing effects of victimization. I highly recommend this book to anyone experiencing bullying behavior and/or anyone who seeks to help empower workers in the attainment of safer and healthier workplace environments.

Sam Vaknin, PhD
Author of “Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited"

Thrilling book (and I use the word "thrilling" judiciously)...It is rare that a book of reference and self-help should read like an edge-of-the-seat John Grisham thriller. But this significant contribution to the study of bullying in the workplace often does.

I recommend the book to anyone who has ever been involved in on-the-job harassment, stalking, and bullying…A gem.

Diana Ayling
Senior Lecturer in Law
Unitec, New Zealand

This “survivor guide” is the result of many years of research, advocacy and exploration by Mueller of scenarios targets face when subject to attacks by bullying bosses.

Previous books have explored the concept of workplace bullying, …however none have prepared the target for winning the battle with the bullying boss like “Bullying Bosses”. The detail in this book is so good, that I am reminded of General Norman Schwarzkopf’s preparations for the (first) Gulf War.

This book …is the best in its category and likely to be for sometime to come…For those of you who are not or have not been targets of the bullying bosses, purchase it anyway, for as the Romans said, “Praemontius praemunitus”, to be forewarned is to be forearmed


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