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The “Sociopaths As Villains” Blog is replacing The “Bullying Bosses” Blog

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Dear Folks, 

After intensive research, examination, and discussion, our perspective has broadened beyond bullies, abusers, and harassers generally to the sociopathic characteristics they all share. This is the focus of our newest reference book (in-progress), website, and blog, Sociopaths As Villains (SAV). We are currently in the developmental phase of this project, but The SAV Team is pleased to invite you, our Bullying Bosses subscribers, to enjoy a preview of the new blog and website by visiting SociopathsAsVillains.com.

Narcissism is a congenital disorder, a genetically defined birth defect. Bullying bosses are “narcissists”, and if they happen to engage in “behaviors that are aggressively antisocial,” the dictionary tells us they are also “sociopaths.” We more precisely define them as “sociopathic 301.81s.” They have been Mueller’s focus from the beginning. 

Sociopaths As Villains: A Writers Thesaurus (1,001 True Tells), SAV the book, is a mammoth undertaking, and despite being drafted and largely written (110,000 words written and edited so far), it could take another year or even two before we get it onto bookshelves. That’s okay. It’s a reference book. It gives us the time to make it right.

But with Donald Trump in the White House and Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, the thesis underpinning SAV cannot wait that long. This is why we would like you to visit our website in-progress and follow the new SAV blog.

No, we will no longer be posting on the old Bullying Bosses blog. No need. Bosses who bully generally (not just the supervisors who can get aggressive on the odd day) are practicing sociopaths – and so we will continue to discuss this topic, and explore other related topics, on the new SAV blog. We look forward to your participation and feedback. Actually, we need your participation.


The SAV Team


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